What is engineering? Most people think of bridges, building or washing machines but, as you're about to find out, there’s no such thing as a normal engineer.

Components is a series of ten films exploring different aspects of engineering with six engineers representing a huge variety of work environments, experience and expertise.

We went on location to help them demonstrate their work and explain complex ideas – from designing air-to-air refuelling systems to testing new audio software, asking most of them to present their work on camera for the first time.

In essence, engineers bring together designed components to build things – be it machines, structures, systems, devices, processes or materials. We hope that these films provide greater insight into that process as well as revealing the different components that can make up a career in, and passion for, engineering.

This project was funded by an Ingenious Grant from the Royal Academy of Engineering and filmed by StoryCog and The Refinery

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Putting engineers on film and filming engineering.

Ri Engineering Components

Image: The Royal Institution